Clever parody Character assassination is no longer reserved for the likes of @crankyvince or @amareisntreal ; The Indy Star’s Bill McCleery reports that coaches and administrators at Lawrence North High School (IN) had statements attributed to them that were the work of young hoodlums.

One online imposter assumed the identity of Principal Brett Crousore, also the school’s wrestling coach, and made reference to male sexual anatomy. That tweet also suggested the existence of inappropriate relationships between the coach and student-athletes.

Another tweet, purported to be from football coach Tom Dilley (above), was racially charged. It seemed to express the idea that Dilley, who is white, prefers black players to represent the school.

“I don’t even want to see you at practice,” the tweet proclaims, “if you’re white.”

Another tweet, suggested to be from basketball coach Jack Keefer, offered the following: “I love it when the girls wear those black yoga pants.”

The tweets originated from three Twitter accounts, Crousore said, though he declined to say how many students are thought to have been involved in the online impersonations.