I hate to suggest that former UT standout Rod Babers oughta limit himself to plugging The Tavern on KVET’s “Sports Buffet”, but he’s having an inglorious Wednesday night.  Minutes before expressing surprise the initials “A.G.” stood for “attorney general” (“I thought it was a gangster thing”, admitted Babers) the Austin broadcaster tackled the subject of Matt Millen’s new NBC gig.

Generally, it was agreed by Babers, Cedric Golden and A.J. Hoffman that Millen was not in a position to criticize the front office manuevers of others after his miserable run in Detroit, but Rod went a bit further. “Millen ought to be treated like one of those Enron guys…he should be hiding under a rock, like Ken Lay.”

Perhaps Ken Lay would be hiding under a rock (or serving serious jail time), had he not been cremated.