Guaranteeing that I’ll be asking the question, “haven’t Mets fans suffered enough?” multiple times this season, the Amaziningly Tone-Deaf Promotions Department already sullied Citi Field earlier this in hosting a post-game concert by the excretory Daughtry.  Tonight, with the offensively-challenged Mets flailing away at Paul Maholm’s offerings, the handful in attendance can look forward to the soothing sounds of Xtian popsters Mercy Me, and I’m genuinely fearful the first ever Reverse Riverfront Coliseum tragedy might occur moments after the final out is recorded.

On the other hand, having already booked such state fair fixtures as Daughtry and REO Speedwagon this Summer, perhaps the Mets thought they’d exhausted all of the shitty secular music on offer.   Either way, check out the clip above and wonder how one Xtian Morning Zoo announcer’s career might’ve been impacted had he changed his name from Kankelfritz.