Poking around the interweb reveals some weird details about members of the World Champion 1986 Mets.  For instance, Wally Backman’s biography at the Joliet Jackhammers website causally mentions the second baseman dubbed “that little redneck’ by Darryl Strawberry, was “announced as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks on November 1, 2004.”  Sure, he was fired a few days later, but why let a negative tidbit like that ruin a perfectly good looing resume?

Equally curious is an item from the Long Island Ducks’ official website which  unveil’s “Gary Carter Autograph Policy.” “Dear Fan, “ the note begins optimistically (clearly, Carter has one specific person in mind), before informing the reader that Mr. Carter (above, far left)  will not sign any “MLB-badged item” unless the recipient has made a $25.00 contribution to the Gary Carter Foundation.   If you’re not, y’know, eBay trash, Carter is still willing to sign Ducks and/or Atlantic League swag free of charge.