Hey Gerard,

Hope all’s well with you. Since everyone is still buzzing about the blown Packers-Seahawks call, I thought you might like a story that appears in GQ’s October issue… It’s a list of the XVIII Worst Decisions in Sports History by GQ’s Drew Magary. It covers more awful decisions, including some MLB-related ones like Bud Selig deciding to call the 2002 All-Star game a tie and the Cleveland Indians hosting a ten-cent-beer-night in 1974. It’s a funny and interesting read. I’ve included some more info below, including a couple excerpts from the list. Let me know what you think! Thanks for checking it out.

Carl Baker ([email protected])

Dear Mr. Baker,

The 19th worst decision in sports history was you writing to me about anything having to do with a list compiled by Drew Margary. If I’m on some sort of mailing list, please, I implore you — please remove me at your earliest convenience. Thanks.