After a stretch in which ESPN cocks on the loose (thx, Geege) including but not limited to Steve Phillips, Harold Reynolds, Sean Salisbury, Eric Kuselias attracted the wrong sort of attention, to say nothing of golden geese Bill Simmons and Tony Kornheiser being wrist-slapped for criticizing WWL colleagues, the Big Lead reports some kinda Heavy Shit Is Coming Down later this week  :

ESPN is holding a mandatory meeting for all œtalent, and we hear two of the topics that will be covered are the network’s relationship policy “ our phrase, not ESPN™s “ as well as social media policies. As we understand it, the meeting is mandatory for anyone within a 2-hour drive of Bristol “ many out of range will be brought in via conference call. Two sources going to the meeting say that the mandatory attendance aspect is uncommon for such a large group, and there are more than a handful of nervous attendees.

When we went to ESPN to confirm the meeting, Norby Williamson, ESPN Exec VP, Production said, œThe purpose of the meeting is to affirm the enormous contributions our commentators make to ESPN and discuss a number of relevant topics, including available resources and guidelines, to ensure that continues.

Much as I love the thought of ESPN’s studios being adorned with countless signs reading “KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS” and “STOP FUCKING EACH OTHER”, perhaps it’s time for a more creative approach.  I wonder if Tiger Woods would like 5 minutes to quiz ESPN’s (alleged) roster of lotharios about how they’ve reconciled their marriage vows with their behavior while in the network’s employ?   I bet the ratings would beat the hell out of “SportsNation”.