Not for the first time, Karl Malone proves to be a little sensitive. Imagine what the Chuckster will be saying about Joakim Noah’s draft day duds in twenty years. If the former is still on TNT, anyway.

Former Slam Dunk champ Cedric Ceballos was arrested over the weekend for driving with a suspended license. Not to criticize the police too harshly, but surely Ceballos deserves special credit for driving while blindfolded.

A wire services recap of Texas’ throttling of Texas A&M last night failed to mention that a pair of Longhorns fans sank successive halfcourt shots, the first shooter scoring a year’s worth of Chick-Fil-A, the second contestant earning a year’s supply of grub from Jack In The Box.

Needless to say, Contestant No. 2 might be feeling a bit ripped off this morning.