(what true Mets fan doesn’t want to see this man rewarded for his years of hard work?

“ICH BIN EIN PHILLIE” declared a sanguine Jason Fry of Faith & Fear In Flushing last week, declaring of the (uncrowned at the time) AL Champion Yankees, “this greater enemy is attended by a howling mob that knows neither reason nor decency nor humility…Twenty-six times has this foe bred a vile plague, one that reduced our nation to lifelessness and blighted all that we hold dear. Though we are not allowed to fight, neither are we required to adjourn in silence. We must lift our voices against tyranny, though we would have chosen most any other champion. We must shout down injustice, though our voices cannot conjure fairness. We must oppose a great evil even if it means supporting a paltry good.” In other words, though it’s distasteful, Fry would advocate Mets fans cheering for Brett Myers to receive a 2nd ring rather than see Hank Steinbrenner and A-Rod doused in champagne.   Tedquarters’ Ted Berg, however, couldn’t disagree more, citing the following Phactors for rooting against The Phillies.  Or more to the point, toning down the hateful rhetoric towards the Highlanders.

1) The Yankees buy their championships

First of all, Mets fans: Just because your glass house is falling apart doesn™t give you the right to throw stones. The Mets had the second-biggest payroll in baseball this year, and even if they didn™t spend like the Yanks did, they still tried pretty hard to buy a championship. They just did a poor job of it.

Second, there™s still nothing illegal about trying to buy a championship. The Yanks bring in a lot of cash, so they spend it on players. Would you prefer the Steinbrenners pocketed the loot? Would that be, in some way, more honorable?

2) My friends are Yankee fans, and they™ll rub it in my face

Will they? Then I have a solid suggestion for you: Get some new friends.

I recognize that there™s an obnoxious sense of entitlement among some Yankee fans, but I™ve actually found it remarkably easy to filter those people out of my life. It turns out, people who are obnoxious and entitled about anything are just not too pleasant to be around. Nowadays, the Yankee fans I do interact with are mostly kind and reasonable people who recognize how lucky they are to root for a team with a $200 million payroll.