When and if the New York Mets get around to honoring Braves 3B Chipper Jones during his retirement tour this summer, self-proclaimed ” Best Writer You’ve Never Heard Of” Paul Lebowitz predicts, “the fans will applaud for Jones not because they liked what he did to the Mets, but because of the way he did it with class, consistency and professionalism.”

While I should stress that a full-fledged, video-tribute has not been confirmed by the club, assuming one actually takes place, after Jones has been given his commemorative Hooters menu plaque, perhaps the Mets can schedule additional ceremonies for other members of the opposition, whom Amazins fans are also likely to admire for their “class, consistency and professionalism”?  I don’t know about you, but I cannot fucking wait to shell out serious money to show Jimmy Rollins how much I respect him.  Would a parade down Northern Blvd. for Orel Hershiser be too much to ask for? What small-minded, partisan rooter could possibly object to the Mets retiring Derek Jeter’s number 2?