The Cincinnati Reds recently sought and obtained permission from Major League Baseball to honor the banned-from-organized-ball Pete Ross on the 25th anniversary of his setting the all-time career hit record. Though the actually event took place on September 11, 1985, Rose has a prior engagement at a casino that day, and rather than appease CSTB readers by booking Tom Sizemore, Cincy plans to hold ceremonies on September 12.  Sought for a quote by the New York Post’s Fred Kerber and Phil Mushnick, former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent pulled no punches in his assessment of Bud Selig allowing Rose to appear at the Great American Ballpark.

” ‘When the keeper of the Rules does not enforce the Rules, there are no Rules,’ ” Vincent wrote in an e-mail to The Post. “That was the quote from John Dowd [Thursday] when we discussed what Bud had done. John is correct.

“I totally disagree with the Selig position. Either enforce the Rules or reinstate him. Bud is trying, again, to please everyone,” wrote Vincent, who was succeeded by Selig. “He did the same thing when he let Rose be honored at the [1999 World Series] — hence the Jim Gray interview — and his decision caused much confusion about a Rose reinstatement. I do not believe Selig wants to bring Rose back. But he wants to be loved in Cincinnati.”