Sure, you have another 17 hours to make your picks with a bunch of goofballs, degenerates, casual hockey fans and infrequent blog contributors. But why waste your time with those humps when you could make your picks in the only NCAA Bracket with the personal approval of the John McCain Campaign? Pete Segall provides the link. McCain’s webmasters provide the bizarreness.

Get started to create your own bracket and compare your picks to John McCain!

Prizes will be awarded to three Team members with the top scores. First place will receive a McCain 2008 Fleece, second place will receive a McCain 2008 Hat and third place will receive a McCain 2008 Lapel Pin.

Fourth place prize: you’ve got to watch McCain mealy-mouth an answer on ethanol subsidies in front of an unimpressed audience in Davenport, IA. It should be mentioned that candidate McCain will have an advantage on those who fill out a bracket: he’s so straight-talking and ethical and straight-talking that he’s actually allowed to change his picks at any time without anyone in the media calling him on it. Good luck, Senator. You might win something after all.