Or at least some element of their fan base.   STRAP YOURSELF IN, HARRISON (NJ) ULTRAS.  From Sunday’s NY Post :

So help me, we’re in a cultural free-fall — the good people can get lost, the bad guys — and worse — shall be served.

It now seems as if Red Bulls fans want to be real international soccer fans — i.e. drunk, vulgar, eager for trouble. Hardly even matters the team’s roster radically changes every season.

Even team-sanctioned bribes — payments to fan clubs — to encourage these louts behave have been rejected, of course, on First Amendment grounds. Freedom of speech allows them to make games insufferable for kids, families, the right-headed. Yeah, they’re patriots!

A fellow who lives up the road from me gave up his family’s four Red Bulls season seats because of the relentlessly obscene, often homophobic chanting in his kids’ ears.

Good! Get out, stay out! Blank you! They can’t be real soccer fans, anyway.

Of course, “real international soccer fans” are no strangers to massive roster turnover. And leave it to the former Metro Stars to invent obscene chanting at local sporting events.