Today’s NY Times report on George W. Bush’s iPod would have you believe that the First Doofus is a fan of modern songwriting geniuses like Alejandro Escovedo and James McMurtry. And perhaps he is. But thanks to a loyal CSTB reader toiling at the White House, we’ve managed to uncover the real top ten most played tracks from the President’s iTunes application.

“The American In Me” – Avengers (perhaps George has enjoyed Green Day’s uncredited cover, “American Idiot”?)
“Violence Now – Assassinate The President” – GG Allin (ok, W. has a very dark sense of humor)
“Eye For An Eye” – US Chaos (perhaps the finest pro-death penalty song of the 1980’s)
“Fuck The Middle East” – SOD
“I’ve Never Been To Me” – Charlene
“Popcorn” – Hot Butter (if only they could play this instead of “Hail To The Chief” when W. enters the room)
“Fool For The City” – Foghat
“Smalltown Boy ” – Bronski Beat (towns don’t get much smaller than Crawford, TX)
“Imagine What I Could Do To You” – Exotic Adrian Street (just for fun)
“New Rolls” – Yuppie Pricks (apparently a cover —- W’s personal assistant hasn’t tracked down the original yet)