ESPN’s Roger Cossack has reviewed today’s proceedings on Capitol Hill and has very little nice to say about the credibility of Roger Clemens’ no. 1 accuser. No, not Andy Pettitte, the other guy. To which I can only, reply, fine. let’s not elect Brian McNamee to the Personal Trainer Hall of Fame.

I have no idea how much of today’s testimony might come to bear in a future perjury case against Clemens or McNamee. That the latter seems to be something of a desperate character is hard to deny. But I’d like someone to explain exactly how Clemens’ reputation has been enhanced by his pre-hearing lobbying or Wednesday’s pumped-up-Eddie Haskell routine. The Rocket was all but accused of witness tampering earlier today, and the rueful look on Rusty Hardin’s face left me with one prevailing thought : maybe Sosa and McGwire had the right idea.

Chuck Knoblauch received 50 injections of Human Growth Hormone? Even Brady Anderson thought the total number would be in the 20-25 range.