To paraphrase Shea Hillenbrand, the ship is sinking in Oakland, so much so that DT Warren Sapp (above) has emerged as a relative voice of maturity in the locker room. From the SF Chronicle’s David White.

As bleak as things have been for the Raiders, they appear to have reached a new low Wednesday.

Wide receiver Jerry Porter has an unexplained hip injury, and is in no mood to give thanks.

Running back LaMont Jordan is done for the season, and wonders where he’ll be next year.

And, defensive tackle Warren Sapp became the first Raider to tell receiver Randy Moss to …

“Sit down, shut the f — up and let’s play football,” Sapp said about Moss’ wishes to get out of town.

“Whatever happens next year happens,” Jordan said about his future plans.

“You want me to be honest?” Porter said when asked what he’s thankful for. “Not a mother — thing.”

Sapp called out Moss for saying it may be time for No. 18’s ship to sail.

“Guess what, fellas?” Sapp said. “One guy doesn’t win, make, nor do anything to a football team unless you’re Peyton Manning. One guy don’t make my world go round.

“You’re not going to get him to understand that there’s 57 other guys in here trying to get this job done, so if you have an issue with upstairs or whatever the f — it may be, you have a month and a half. … Then go talk to those people about whatever you got going.

“But you’re not going to get that, so, so be it.”

ADDENDUM : As luck would have it, I’ve not even cut & pasted the hottest Warren Sapp story of the day.

Who figured the Dolphins’ most useful off-season pickup at QB would be named Harrington rather than Culpepper? Former Lions QB Joey returned to the scene of some of his greatest humiliations today and tossed 3 TD passes — a pair to Marty Booker (7 catches, 115 yards), one to Randy McMichael, in Miami’s 27-10 turkey shoot of Detroit. The Dolphins have won 4 in a row with Harrington at the helm, and managed to hold the Detroit tandem of Arlen Harris and Aveion Cason to a pitiful 21 yards rushing.