A 4-9 start — 4th worst in the league — has the New York Knicks on pace for a 25 win season. If you’re a Knicks fan, this is good news for the following reasons ;

a) barring a sudden change of heart by JD of the Straight Shot, Isiah Thomas is a goner (sadly, JD cannot be fired).

b) Such lowly status means more ping pong balls and greater odds of replacing Eddy Curry with Greg Oden (shown abusing high schoolers, below).

The only mailbag I find superior to my own (sorry, gang) is that of the Newark Star Ledger’s Dave D’Allesandro. In addition to tackling the thorny issue of the new Nets alternate unis neglecting to feature the words “New Jersey” anywhere on ’em (“you™ve had two years to reconcile the fact that you™re essentially renting this team for your temporary amusement, knowing that they are going to repudiate your loyalty, and NOW you™re seeing red?”), Dave proves yet again he’s a superior agony aunt to anyone this side of Dan Savage.

Dave: I™m just wondering, when will VC wear his VC VI? ˜Cause I think he’s still wearing the 5 from last season. I’ve seen the VI already, and it’s not that pretty — is there some problem that’s going on?
Jonas Bautista

JB: I had no idea what you were talking about, but he seemed to know, and he said, œSixes aren™t out yet. Coming soon. And someday you can both explain that to me. I™ll assume it has nothing to do with microprocessors.

Though there’s still a bit of confusion over the Kramer character vs. Michael Richards, Bench Renaldo has fond memories of the former’s Michael Jordan obssession.

More proof democracy doesn’t work : Fred Hoiberg received 6 write-in votes in the Chaska, MN mayoral election (link courtesy I Heart KG).  That’s almost as weird as learning Ricky Davis owns a pad in my old hometown. Funny that I’ve never run into him at Whole Foods, but maybe he’s a Stop & Shop kinda guy.