Sixers C Kwame Brown has won praise of late from Doug Collins for the former’s solid contributions, though not everyone is sold on the former no. 1 overall pick. “He hasn’t actually done so much as blown his nose since he got to Philly…Kwame has the highest gravitational pull of any human I’ve ever seen play basketball. There’s a Space Jam-sized magnet underneath him at all times, yanking him to the floor”, bemoans Liberty Ballers’ Michael Levin). Undeterred by such criticism is Brown himself, embracing his role player status and telling the Philadelphia Daily News’ John N. Mitchell, “You don’t survive 12 years” in the NBA worrying about such things.

“I realized that I had outlived guys that were high picks. There were 50th picks that came in that were just solid. So I just modeled myself after the guys with longevity, and that’s what I wanted to do. To be in this business, you’ve got to know your role and what you want to do.

Forget a pick. Forget expectations. You’ve just got to go out and do a job.”