From the Associated Press :

Police were called to the former house of Michael Strahan over a dispute between the New York Giants’ defensive end and his ex-wife.

Police Lt. James Carlucci said Monday police responded to a call at the northern New Jersey home on Sunday that stemmed from a dispute over child custody. No arrests were made.

The ever romantic Pro Football Talk muses,

Unless those two are forced to live on opposite sides of the country, we can envision in about 10 or 15 years a trial involving testimony from Subway’s Jared regarding what he heard while sucking down chicken teriyaki sandwiches from his guest room in Strahan’s basement.

Dr. Ian Smith
, unavailable for comment. There’s no truth to the rumor, by the way, that the New Jersey state police have requested major budget increases in order to cope with frequent trips to the Strahan and Kidd residences.