Showing a commitment to serious journalism unmatched by any of their print or broadcast rivals, the Red Sox-owned NESN recently featured an interview with Manny Ramirez and his hair guru, LMonstro (above, left). From Scott’s Shots :

Lmonstro is a character straight off of Pedro’s Lil Buddy, Nelson’s casting couch. Next is the horrified, almost shocked approach that Tina Cervasio has to take as Manny stands silent with his arm around his travelling hairdresser. Only at the end does Manny and the Mad Barber break into a bit of a Fernando delivery and beam, “If you look good, you’ll play good,” complete with a double Manny Point.

Manny, in an orange “Rock ‘n Rave Show” t-shirt (perhaps a Gio Goi?) stood with his right arm around the shoulder of Lmonstro and briefly discussed his preferred hairstyles and styling methods. “I got tired of the red,” he said. It also seems LMonstro was also heavily involved with David Ortiz’s beard from last year.