(company bbq at the Apollo Mastering plant goes awry, feb. 2020.  let this be a lesson to us all, ie.  leave the bbq pitmaster stuff to the masters of the pit, etc.)

(Editor’s Note : A panel of exactly one person under inhuman degreees of pressure was convened to compile the list shown below ; CSTB’s former contributors are either working on their new careers as streaming service script-doctors cranks or they’re trying to launch new web initiatives that are pitched as “sort of like vintage Gavin McInnes, only slightly less fascist”)

As in past years, projects from labels that either pay the CSTB dog food bill or directly contribute to the thorough neglect of CSTB are ineligible. A version of this list was previously published somewhere that generates real traffic ; If you’re seeing it for the second time, please try to be grateful you will not likely be asked to read it for a third –  GC)


Rose Mercie – Kieres Aqua (Jelodanti/Celluloid Lunch)|

Bad Breeding – Human Capital (Iron Lung/One Little Indian)
Daniel Bachman – Almanac Behind (Three Lobed)
Tha Retail $imps -Reverberant Scratch : 9 Shots In The Dark (Total Punk)
Cyrus Pireh – Visitor (Artist Pool)

Jensen Tjhung & Tom Lyngcoln – Escapist Blues (Solar/Sonar)

Rome Streetz – Kiss The Ring (Griselda)

Horse Lords – Comradely Objects (Rvng)
Bill Orcutt – Music For Four Guitars (Palilalia)
Puppet Wipes – The Stones Are Watching & They Can Be A Handful (Siltbreeze)
Saint Abdullah & Eomac – Patience Of A Traitor (Other People)

Weak Signal – War & War (Colonel)

Holt Bodish – Build Yourself A Space (Petty Bunco)
Peace De Résistance – Bits & Pieces (Peace Dé Records)
The Lloyd Pack – I Bet You’ve Got Some Good Stories (Low Company)

Vomitatrix – s/t (ugEXPLODE)
Model Home – Saturn In The Basement (Disciples)
Chronophage – s/t (PPM/Bruit Direct Disques)
Blackhaine – And Salford Falls Apart (Head II)
Rempis  / Reid / Abrams – Allium (Aerophonic)
Michael Beach – Michael Beach 2022 EP (Goner)

Kilynn Lunsford – Custodians Of Human Succession (ever/never)
Jeff Parker – Mondays At The Enfield Tennis Academy (eremite)
Konjur Collective – Blood In My Eye (A Soul Insurgent Guide) (Astral Spirits)

Matthew J. Rolin – Passing (American Dreams)
Lifeguard – Crowd Can Talk (Born Yesterday)
Syko Friend – The Code (PPM)
Various – Thorn Valley (World Of Echo)

live :

Horse Lords, Moth Club, London, November
Michael Beach, Goner Fest, Memphis, September

Duma, Mohawk, Austin , November

Bill Orcutt, Hotel Vegas, Austin, October
Iron Maiden, Moody Center, Austin, September
Rosali, Mohawk, Austin, May

Vomitatrix, Volstead, Austin April

Emily Robb, Union Pool, Brooklyn, April