Los Angeles 57, Miami 42 (halftime)

In the closing moments of the first half of tonight’s Heat/Lakers game at the Staples Center, 18 year old rookie C Andrew Bynum — trying to buy some time for Kwame Brown in foul trouble, replied to a monstrous Shaq putback in his face with a nifty post-up move of his own that left O’Neal flat-footed.

On the ensuing trip up the floor, Bynum bounced off O’Neal with what looked to be intent…and the Diesel delivered with an elbow to the youngster’s head.

Funny stuff….we’re waiting for the Lamar Odom/Gary Payton rematch, suffering through the contrived hug-it-out between Shaq and Kobe…and Andrew Bynum embarrasses O’Neal. For a whole 10 seconds, anyway.

Even if Bynum never makes an impact in the NBA, never let it be said he doesn’t have a strong chin.

There’s a game going on, too. And if J-Will and Antoine Walker keep missing, Kobe won’t need to take 40 shots to win.