The New York Daily News’ Adam Nichols successfully stalked embattled Yankee starter Andy Pettitte during the latter’s Sunday visit to church in Deer Park, TX. Hey, how about following him to the doctor’s office next time?

A day after Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte fessed up to using human growth hormone, he took refuge in the forgiving embrace of his family and his Texas church.

With his wife, Laura, and four children at his side, Pettitte was greeted warmly by dozens of parishioners yesterday at Deer Park’s Central Baptist Church – the church he grew up attending, where his wife’s father was minister for more than 40 years.

Although the congregation embraced Pettitte and his family, there was no outward mention of his embarrassing admission – though he could have taken a veiled message from Pastor Tim Dunn’s sermon.

“It doesn’t matter what you have done, what’s in your past, or what decisions you have made,” Dunn said. “It is all God’s design, and it is all for good.”

Pettitte and his wife are known as pious and faithful Christians there, even teaching Sunday school at times.

In “Strike Zone: Targeting a Life of Integrity & Purity,” Pettitte says a Christian shouldn’t use God’s forgiveness as an excuse to make bad decisions.

“You and I will stand before God one day to answer for everything we’ve ever done,” he writes. “I know I’m going to be ashamed of a lot of stuff I’ve done already. Why would I want to keep adding on to the pile?”