While the general consensus is that James Toney was badly screwed in dropping a split decision to Samuel Peter (above) at the Staples Center Saturday evening, even the biggest Lights Out detractor has to be impressed with his post-fight bravado, as quoted by Maxboxing.com’s Steve Kim.

“Everybody knows that I didn’t lose this fight. But y’know they want to see me quit this game because I’m so good. They’re trying to do what they can to get me out. But I ain’t going nowhere.”

œY™all saw tonight, I didn’t lose this fight to this bum. I made the guy do literally nothing. He’s not the ‘Nightmare’, he’s a sight-mare. You see his face; you see what I did to his face. He looks like the elephant man.”

And when he was told of the reluctance of the other side in participating in an immediate rematch, Toney would respond, “Wouldn’t you (be)?”

The New York Post’s George Willis reports a radio talk show host was assualted by a member of an associate of Peter’s promoter, Dino Duva, during the contentious press conference. No names, but I’m assuming it wasn’t this guy.