A little more than 5 years ago, The Frogs‘ Dennis Flemion exited this stupid planet and music — not to mention the lives of his family and friends — has been the poorer for it. Teamed with brother Jimmy, Milwaukee’s Frogs created (multiple) absurdist worlds that erased the boundaries between satire, social commentary, stunt-y provocation and nightmare vision. Paying homage to their musical inspirations (while often demolishing them in the process), there was so much, much more to The Frogs’ body of work than their notorious 2nd album, 1989’s ‘It’s Only Right & Natural’, and one of these days a dedicated archivist, perhaps one laid off when the Grateful Dead’s assets are acquired by Amazon, will lay all of it out for you in exhaustive, coffee table / Black Friday RSD approved fashion. Or maybe not. Maybe you’ll still have to do some digging for one of the final times in your life.

Until said day arrives, Jimmy — an Austin, TX resident for well over a decade now — will strap on the wings (can someone confirm this?) and treat a Barracuda audience to a selection of Frogs material as a memorial tribute to Dennis. There’s been a handful of Jimmy Flemion solo shows in this region (though none for a very long time) and I can testify that if you willingly miss this one, you deserve all the fucking UnBarlievables and Kung Fu Saloons this town can throw at you.