(Headline borrowed from a sports-talk caller, I admit. Don’t remember if it was Eskin or 950, but I guess that it was on a sign).

Anyway, just back from Philly. Hadn’t planned to Twitter, did, but now find all my updates went out in completely random order. No doubt they were hung up by AT&T (when you are in a stadium with 50,000 people, let alone a city with two million people gathered on a three-mile stretch of road, you will be the person their commercials claim to help. Yeah, great, I’ve got four bars, but can’t make any calls!).

So, as I sit here watching the whole thing again on Comcast, I figured I’d amuse myself (and maybe you) by assembling today’s tweets in proper order, with a bit of annotation.

We basically spent the day walking two blocks east of the parade route – in Center City, the crowds lining the street stretched back an entire block. Halfway through, at Ellsworth, there was room; we got to see the floats and then had little trouble beating them to Citizens Bank Park.

Actual Twitter here.

Even today, some guy walking down 13 near chestnut did an EAGLES chant (I told him, we only cheer for championship teams today)

Pat burrell leads parade (which was awfully cool. He rode with his wife and English bulldog, Elvis)

Charlie owns a suit and tie! Mayor has trophy. (it’s a very nice suit too)

Bruntlett still has playoff beard. Holding baby. Jro grinning. Myers pounding can of sumthin (fairly certain it was Fresca)

Trucks moving entirely too fast

Trains all running north to get people out. Walking south to cbp

I sure as hell have never walked from race street to pattison before

Barely beat parade to cbp on foot. But have to cross it to get in (actually we beat it by two hours, ‘case it took forever to move off of Broad)

Sure is weird that they are going to the football stadium too (and then there was that)

Seeing it for second time from park. Victorino now high atop truck revving crowd. Myers too.

Ok i thought we were better than the wave. I guess it is ok at a nongame (Mitch Williams said the exact same thing on Comcast. “The most irritating thing in sports.” Incidentally, he’d be better on TV if he would grow the hair again.)

They are selling “authentic” blue phillies hats with ws logo. Must have missed that day game.

It is still not clear to me…. Just what part of the galapagos is the phanatic from? (and did you know that he’s a bird?)

We are all applauding jamie as he speaks in the other venue.

Toyotas for everybody! Even the bullpen coach and next gm. The real parade would have been better with 40 floats, i think. (a disappointed fan agrees)

Introing frank coppenbarger, clubhouse managers. Those guys gotta be more thrilled than players. They have been here the longest (when I interviewed Chris Coste last year I actually walked by his office and thought, “cool, Frank Coppenbarger!”)

Ok only ten toyotas. They circle and pick up new guys.

Harry wants “cy” cheers for lidge. I say he gets more mvp votes

Jamie moyer (is greater than) chris chelios

Myers goes with pride of the yankees reference.

Charlie gets a standing o from the podium (meaning, all the players rose to applaud him)

Four fans will raise the banner (that was kind of weird actually. assume Opening Day will still have fanfare)

It’s an odd bubble really, because i know the rest of the world has already moved on to hot stove and tomorrow’s college football (go Northwestern! go Arkansas State!)

Or back to that big contest tuesday. I would describe my cable news consumption over the past month as normal/healthy

Even though that’s due to abnormal/unhealthy sports consumption

Charlie: we’re gonna win it again next year 

Cole promises parade again and again and again. Ryan, year after year after year. (just hope those guys are Phillies for three seasons)

Pat gets the ovation too. Surely the calmest philly athlete of all time. (Which is why he was never as popular as Aaron Rowand – man, was he irreplaceable or what. But also why he never allowed himself to be driven out of town)

At least one of these players has got to be like, “i can’t believe we’ve been doing this for four hours”

“i need a drink/to pack for the bahamas/take a nap” (JRo and Howard went to the Sixers game)

Tom gordon! First ring ever, amazing. And he made his contribution. Ditto rudy seanez.

Mike cervenak! Andy tracy!

Charlie recalls dave montgomery saying “you’ve got a lot of seconds” to him (“I don’t have no damn seconds no more,” he continued. Contract extension tomorrow?)

Geoff jenkins and matt stairs, heroes. But how come taguchi got more cheers than condrey
(Taguchi’s option was declined today)

So taguchi’s press corps just entered my section (one photographer).

Even more amazing than the guys the phillies got off the scrapheap are the guys so many phans were eager to scrapheap (meaning, y’know, everybody but Utley and Hamels. including Howard at times).

Baseball players… Not much for speeches (I mean, sorry to nitpick, but most of the comments were as scintillating as the average press conference. With one exception).

Chase utley wins. “World champions. World fucking champions” (Seriously, that will live forever. It is silly that the word can get people so pumped. And silly that people would take offense – comcast had to apologize for carrying it unbleeped, and mention “the children.”  What I liked about it was, here was a pro athlete talking like pro athletes actually talk. Here was a twentysomething dude talking like twentysomething dudes actually talk. On the other hand, he may have planned it).

I don’t know how to follow chase, jro says.

Jro… It takes more than one player to bring home championship. Meaning, santana (he couldn’t resist some extensive Mets trash-talk)

Btw how cheap does burrell’s 50 million six year deal sound now? It was a great contract purely in terms of market

The best part was when chase utley said fuck.

Second best: nearly everyone is sober

Just saw Mark McGraw (Tug’s son, not the guy from Sugar Ray) on TV at the start of the parade, which reminds me, re: Bill Price’s complaint about the Phillies’ use of “Ya Gotta Believe.” First of all, welcome to 1980. Second, yeah, the Mets had first dibs on the catch phrase and the man. Let me know when his ashes get to Citi Field.

Most underrated person in this whole parade: Rich Dubee.

And finally, lots of signs about “80-08” and “45-54” (for McGraw and Lidge). I’m just hoping that this also means Barack Obama ends up being just as big as Reagan (also, the 1980 Phillies team had a secretary by the name of Kennedy. The 2008 team has one by the name of Nixon).