The Knicks have a loveable sideshow in Nate Robinson. Just seeing Robinson on the court, a David amongs a gaggle of Goliaths, is entertaining. It’s like looking at those old American Express ads with Wilt Chamberlain standing next to Willie Shoemaker, only Robinson doesn’t get paid to be tiny and ride on a horse’s back; he gets paid to play basketball with the world’s most athletic pituitary cases.  Sure, Robinson’s as likely to try to make a monster dunk by bouncing the ball off the floor or backboard (he’s tried and failed twice) as he is to have an assist (he averages just 1.5 a game. But that mises the point : He’s five-eight, and he can dunk! – Stephen Rodrick, New York Magazine, “Reasons To Love New York Issue”, December 25

Robinson is nothing but a 5’9″ Garden sidesow. He can run and jump but has no concept of how to play the game, passing being a particularly baffling skull. (Witness his 1.5 assist average.)

After the game Robinson characterized Collins’ flagrant foul as “a good, clean, hard foul” and indicated that the Nuggets had it coming because they still had their starters in a game that had been decided long before. (Cue laugh track.) During a game against the Cavaliers on Nov. 29, this pillar of sportsmanship bounced the ball off the floow in a failed dunk attempt and later said that he’d attempt the move again only if his team were up by 20. – Jack McCallum, Sports Illustrated, December 25

San the suspended Robinson, the Knicks are currently trailing the Sixers, 65-51 in Philly, their season-high 3 game winning streak hanging in the balance.

A night after losing Nenad Krstic for the season during a defeat to Los Angeles, the Nets are struggling, yet again, with Milwaukee, trailing 23-14 in the first quarter.