The University of Connecticut’s Men’s Ice Hockey squad produced the above video in the hopes of affirming they’ll welcome “any teammate, gay or straight, that can help us win games.” However, as the Hartford Courant’s Pat Eaton-Robb reports, at least one observer has a problem with those who practice bigotry being labelled, y’know, bigots.

Peter Wolfgang, president of the conservative Family Institute of Connecticut Action, said he has no problem with the team participating in an anti-bullying campaign, but he is concerned about the references to “homophobia” in the video.

“It’s a very loaded political term,” he said. “If we’re going to be against bullying, then we ought to be against all forms of bullying and not just the kind that get us a pat on the back from politically correct elites. I would hope that people that have traditional beliefs, traditional faiths that they would not be bullied for holding views about morality or the definition of marriage.”

Yes, because there are so many examples of athletes with traditional beliefs being bullied or goaded into suicide.  Who could’ve possibly missed all the headlines this past year about deeply religious sporting figures  being booed, pelted with rocks and garbage, instructed to stop making religious gestures after scoring touchdowns, etc.