Is Eldrick Woods a sex addict or just a particularly selfish/horny individual?  I’m inclined to guess “b”, though I’ve never quite considered that Woods’ admittedly reckless behavior is indicative of a callous attitude towards women, (or perhaps makes him an honorary member of The Mentors’ Four F Club). In the considered view of one prominent Erin Andrews critic, Tiger might need treatment for misogyny. From ABC’s Russell Goldman :

Calling Woods’ decision to play at the Masters a “slap in the face to women,” USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan (above) said discrimination at the club against women is tolerated in ways it would not be if African-Americans or other minorities were similarly excluded.

“Is there something tone-deaf about this [decision]? Sure there is. But the male-dominated golf world has never really cared about the issue of discrimination against women at Augusta National,” Brennan told ABC “That this is the place that Tiger Woods decides to come back with these apparently well-documented issues that he has with women is ironic at best, and, I guess you could say, a slap in the face to women at worst.”