Following the outcry over University Of South Florida head coach Jim Leavitt’s alleged brutality towards sophmore Adam Miller last November, Leavitt — the only coach in the history of USF’s program — was relieved of his duties earlier today, reports the Palm Beach Post’s Jorge Milian :

USF’s Board of Trustees found that Leavitt struck walk-on Adam Miller, then lied about it and interfered with the school’s investigation.

“The disparity in authority and power between you as the head coach and the student athlete makes your conduct more serious,” USF athletic director Doug Woolard said in a termination letter sent to Leavitt and released to reporters.

According to the investigation, several players saw Leavitt grab Miller by the throat in the locker room and slap him twice in the face during halftime of USF’s game against Louisville. Miller had been penalized in the first half and was also on the punt coverage unit that allowed a touchdown. One player, according to the report, described Leavitt’s actions against Miller as a “crime.”

Leavitt becomes the third recent coaching casualty in the wake of abuse allegations following the dismissals of Mark Mangino at Kansas and Mike Leach’s highly contentious departure from Texas Tech.  Persons interviewing for major vacancies this January are well advised to cite the teachings of Dr. Bruno Bettleheim when submitting their resumes.