The New York Post’s Peter Vecsey, a voice of authority so consider there’s no need for the columnist to cite a source, reports former Pistons/T-Wolves coach Flip Saunders will be introduced this week as the new coach of the Washington Wizards.  Adds Poison Pete, said hiring “contradicts a pretty reliable source who claims Avery Johnson is first in line.”

<em>That actually makes infinitely more sense. You have got to be off the reservation to have a pot shot of getting through on Gilbert Arenas’ wavelength on any kind of a regular frequency, and the Little General is out there.

Saunders is far too normal. He had trouble gaining the respect and keeping the attention of a reasonably stable core (overlooking Rasheed Wallace, otherwise it ruins my argument) of polished Pistons. Imagine trying to accomplish something constructive while suffering Agent Zero’s histrionics.

May as well team up Arenas with Nate Robinson, put a tent over the Verizon Center, and call it a circus. Their new act could be passing the ball around their backs to each other on the free throw line.</em>

Someone who probably won’t be considered for an NBA head coaching gig anytime soon is Jaren Jackson, who was delcared surplus to requirements by the D-League’s Fort Wayne Mad Ants.  Ridiculous Upside reports Jackson’s swan song included the Mad Ants blowing a 22-point halftime lead to Erie on Friday night. Upside’s Scott adds, “from 2:57 in the third to :27 in the fourth quarter, not one substition was made for Fort Wayne.  This seems absurd, as there was obviously something wrong with the team on the floor.”