Even before the Knickerbockers dropped a 100-86 decision to the Nets at the Swamp last night, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey — no doubt cackling with glee over the club winning just 3 of their last 15 games since Isiah received his contract extension — was promising ugly things as they play out the string.

Four more games means there’s plenty of time left for coach/president Isiah Thomas to justify Dolan’s leap of faith in him 15 games ago before his team tumbled in a dozen with a manuscript of excuses for each: injuries; too many players and not enough playing time; a referee/NBA conspiracy against Stephon Marbury; too many missed free throws by a team among the league leaders in attempts; inexperience; lack of leadership; Larry Brown hangover; a law against marketing affordable hand guns. What’s more, four games give Thomas’ principal para-professionals ample opportunity to underachieve and overreact. Based on impure past performances, we’re focusing on Steve Francis, Nate Robinson and Jerome James, who are working hard on next year’s suspensions/buyouts.

By all means, this does not preclude any aspiring Knick from looking like a fool, disgracing the franchise, causing a commotion, or executing a disservice against others. Given four more games with loose reins that come equipped, nonetheless, with a bench-operated directional, and an immediate boss who beams when his boys mirror his confrontational image, a moronic, high-voltage incident is liable to break out at any time.

I do like the “affordable handguns” line. Who knew Bernard McGurk would find work as a ghostwriter so quickly?