From the NY Post’s Peter Vescey :

Don’t look now (something New Orleans’ general population doesn’t seem vaguely tempted to do while the franchise’s former fans are filling up the Charlotte Coliseum ” 23,319 ” to worship the expansionist Bobcats), but Bye-Ron Scott has firmly established impeccable coaching credentials on both sides of (Desmond) Mason-(Juan) Dixon Line.

The pride of Lose-iana, Scott’s Hornets are peaking earlier than most out-coached outposts. Following Wednesday’s 11-point Big Easy steamrolling by the Suns, they’re 0-7 and resting alarmingly at the bottom of the stands (gate receipts) and standings.

If that’s not dispiriting enough, nothing hollers “home-court disadvantage” quite like shooting a striking total of two free throws (matching an all-time league low) in your own gym. This on the low heels of earning three foul shots Saturday at Milwaukee; the good news is, they were flawless in both games.

David Stern’s league, chock full of provocatively dressed and undulating dance teams, has banned players from listening to music during pre-game warm-ups. Vince Carter and others got the word iPods are not part of the NBA’s standard uniform and thus cannot be worn.

Sexually inappropriate rap songs blasted by arena sound systems (that leaves nothing to the imagination though bleeped in spots) are still considered family entertainment.

Carter, who received the iPod as a gift for being the only person not attacked at the Vibe awards, is appealing Stern’s fearless ruling.