Though the warring Knicks coach and his point guard have declared a truce of sorts, it seems as though Peter Vescey has determined Larry Brown has little more credibility than Stephon Marbury in the pair’s unseemly pissing match.

Tell me I didn’t read Marbury should be suspended for questioning Brown’s integrity!

Integrity? How often has Brown agreed to terms with his next team before leaving his present one? Just to backtrack one team: How long do you think Brown’s agent, Joe Glass, was tampering/talking to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert or his people before the Pistons were approached about giving their permission?

Integrity? How do you think Brown induced Danny Manning to switch his commitment from North Carolina to Kansas by offering his father an assistant-coaching job? Why do you think there were so many people against UNC hiring him when Dean Smith retired?

Integrity? Brown says he always leaves teams in better shape than when he got there? Oh, really? When Brown left Kansas after winning the ’88 NCAA title, the school was placed on probation. It’s the only time a school was banned from defending its title.

Integrity? I have it on excellent authority, in the midst of Brown’s East Hampton talks with Isiah Thomas and James Dolan he was hitting up on Chris Mullin, a Long Island summer neighbor, for the occupied Warriors job.

In the first, final and foremost analysis, Brown and Marbury came to the Knicks as advertised. The ingredients were clearly marked. So were the warnings. Yet Thomas put them together anyway.

All three gotta go. Last one out, disconnect the cable!