But perhaps for the wrong Hall. The New York Post’s Peter Vescey acknowledges that newly-extended Knicks head coach / team prez Isiah Thomas has compiled a 114-173 record in a litttle more than 3 years in charge.

That’s a shade under .400. James Dolan’s no dope. He knows that number guarantees induction into Cooperstown. So, surely his manager of the month is eminently worthy of at least an additional year on his contract. Why wouldn’t a coaching extension be in order as well?

Since Judge Thomas approached the bench, the Knicks are a robust 29-34 and began the week clinging to the eighth and final Eastern playoff berth.

Not only is this body of work enough to electrify a sharp cookie such as Dolan, it’s perceptible improvement in my book. Though, granted, even the preponderance of summer school students (players) figure out how to pass the grade on their second attempt.

Why would Dolan want to wait to see how the 82-game extravaganza played out before securing Thomas?
Given what has transpired so far, the off-season bidding for Thomas’ sanctified services by other franchises (Jiffy Lube, perhaps) reckoned to be recklessly high.

That and the fact Thomas got through the first three-quarters of the season without being sued . . . and without the West Side stadium being built.

One of The Big Lead’s readers makes the following claim of former Nets/UMass slickster John Calipari, currently riding high with a 22 game winning streak in Memphis.

Did you guys happen to watch CBS just prior to the œselection show extravaganza? They were interviewing John Calipari and the coach was trying to make a joke about Seth Davis™s predictions. Evidently, he only picked Memphis to win when they lost and when he picks them to lose, they win. So, Calipari™s joke was œSeth picked Germany to win World War II, so please do not pick us to win. Ha ha ha.

Now, I am not a member of the politically correct police, but I believe Seth Davis is a Jewish American and I cannot think of a more insensitive thing to say to anybody, than to align a Jewish person with the Nazis.

I dunno, not to suggest that WWII was a barrel of laughs or anything, but I probably could think of a more insensitve thing to say to someone.