A Bengals fan just took a handoff from Brett Favre. Given that the Packers QB has been throwing balls to dudes in orange all afternoon, Mr. Gatecrasher can be excused for thinking he was entitled.

I can already see Mike Tice’s new job —- celebrity spokesperson for StubHub.com

I’m still trying to figure out which performance was more awkward, Jeff Garcia hosting SNL last night, or his futility against the Bears.

(it’s been a career day for Tiki Barber, 206 yards on 24 carries and one TD)

While watching the Giants humiliate the Redskins, I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the former’s finest all-around performance since the 2001 NFC Championship win over the Vikings. Not that I haven’t already quit up on this one —- with Pat Ramsey in the game, presumably Washington has, too.