With Lynne Spears’ latest contribution to literature unlikely to hit the bookstores anytime soon, what are the chances of Andy and Tammy Reid — interviewed in the latest edition of Philly Magazine — penning their own parental advice tome?

Philadelphia Magazine: Here™s the 64-dollar question: How close were you to resigning, and is that still a possibility?

Andy: We™ve dealt with Garrett™s situation for a long time, and we™ve done it through Super Bowls and championships. And it™s new to a lot of people, but it™s not new to us. As long as Jeffrey Lurie will have me, and as long as I can do my job to the best of my ability, I would love to be an Eagle.

Tammy: Plus we do have house payments, he does need to have a job. Any other dad, any other man who has things going on in his family, has not had it questioned whether he™s going to retire or step down from his job. The CEO of any major company, it would never be in question.

PM: Something struck me as we™ve been talking. Andy, you™re famous for having tight control over your football team, for being a detail guy, and dealing with addiction is the exact opposite. There™s no control.

Tammy: You learn that real quick.

Andy: They™re really very similar, though. In a game, once the whistle blows, and you™re playing the game, now the human element is there, and it™s how you™ve trained them. Some days they are going to throw an interception or miss a tackle. You didn™t train them that way. But you live with it, and you keep on teaching them. That™s why we™re here, we™re here to be teachers. And so you do the same thing at home, you teach them and then let them go. You blow the whistle and let them play. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn™t.

Any similarity between the above interview and a recent item in The Onion is just, well, unfortunate.