(Mike and Roy, contemplating the double nickels Detroit’s gonna put up on Green Bay next week, easy)

The final talley read Chicago 34, Detroit 7, but Lions WR Roy Williams, he of the pregame victory guarantee, remains resolute in his confidence. From the Detroit Free Press’ Mitch Albom. (link courtesy Jon Solomon)

Williams caught his first pass of the day and struck a “thataway” pose, drawing boos from the crowd.

“Shouldn’t poses like that wait until things are looking better?” I asked Williams after the game.

“I celebrate first downs all the time. I’m not gonna stop that. I’m an exciting player. If I do something exciting, I’m gonna show my actions.”

“But you were losing, 10-0.”

“What does that mean? … That means nothing to me. The score means nothing.”
“Do you regret the guarantee?” Williams was asked.

“No, because everyone believes what I said.”

Roy’s teammate, Mike (no relation) was in street clothes for yesterday’s loss, and shared the following thoughts with the Free Press’ Mike Rosenberg.

“The way the organization is going under (coach Rod) Marinelli, it’s going to need a poster boy for what’s wrong,” Williams said. “Every new beginning needs a poster boy for why the other way didn’t work. I know that as well as Charles (Rogers) did. I know how hard he worked coming off his (first collarbone) injury. I know how hard they were on him before he got hurt again. And then he kind of got thrown under the bus.

The two Williamses and Charles Rogers, all top-ten picks, were supposed to be symbolize Millen’s Lions. Rogers was released for having a lousy attitude, and Mike Williams is constantly lumped in with Rogers.

Does that bother Mike Williams?

“You know what?” he asked. “Who gives a (bleep), really? Who gives a (bleep)? You can compare a guy that’s been here one year with a guy going on his fourth year … the comparison is so good, it’s a great comparison the media and fans have put together. I’ve missed games due to injury. Charles has had problems with his weight. I’ve gotten myself into off-the-field issues. Charles has been late to meetings.”

Of course, Williams was the one who was late and too heavy for the Lions’ tastes. Rogers was the one who failed three drug tests and was injured. Which is why Williams then said, “Please detect the sarcasm.”