With all due respect to Darko Milicic, Adam Morrison and Eddy Curry’s combined four NBA championships, is there a piece of hoops hardware nearly as flukey as Christian Laettner’s 1992 Olympic Gold Medal? On the eve of the US national team playing Argentina in the 2012 Let’s-All-Punch-Carmelo-In-The-Dick-Invitational Olympic Semi-Finals, Scott Fowler quotes Christian Death weighing on the tiresome question of who’d beat who in a head to head match, the US ’12 squad or the 1992 Dream Team?

When asked which team would win in a hypothetical game, Laettner said: “Of course I am going to say that they would never beat the ’92 team. The good thing about the ’92 team is that we never played cool because all those guys wanted to go out there and show the world how good we were. So we weren’t playing the other team. We were playing [for] our identity and for our whole country to show the world we were the best.

“Michael Jordan didn’t play cool,” Laettner continued. “Magic Johnson didn’t play cool. We wanted to kill everybody and I wish these guys [the 2012 team] would get that little more sense of urgency.”