Looks like Trevor Pryce will have a bit of competition. In addition to calling Bryant Gumbel “a fucking moron”, Chiefs G Kyle Turley (above, right) shares his independent label plans with Sports Illustrated’s Michael Silver.

Silver: Speaking of cash, what’s up with your music career?

Turley: Well, I’ve started a record label, Gridiron Records, and I’m planning on kicking some ass. I had a lot of downtime when I was out for those two years, and I’d made a lot of friends in the music industry. I hooked up with this guy named Mikey Doling, who had founded a band called Snot out of Santa Barbara. They had played Ozzfest and were gonna be huge but the singer got in a car crash and died, and that was that.

Mikey’s a killer guitarist, and he and I would see these phenomenal bands in Hollywood that were still unsigned, and that set the wheels in motion: ‘Dude, we need to start a label.’ So, now we have our own MySpace page, and we’re signing three kinds of bands: rock, hard rock and super-heavy. We have this band called Harebrain Scheme that sounds sort of like death metal mixed with the Beatles, 311-style reggae and Queen. Fred Durst heard them and was blown away; they’re gonna be all over the radio. And we have a super-heavy band called Asesino that’s like the Mexican Slayer — all the lyrics are in Spanish, and the musicians all dress up as different characters. It’s awesome.