And I’m not talking about his controversial decision to have the Charlie Kerfeld Birthplace & Museum (above) bulldozed to make way for a Chase ATM. Rather, in the wake of Houston agreeing to move to the American League and planning new uniforms for 2013, the Astros are considering….GETTING RID OF THEIR OUTFIELD CHOO CHOO TRAIN! Count Crawfish Boxes’ Timothy De Block amongst those saddened by the proposal.

I’m all for it as long as they replace it with a cowboy riding a rocket waving his hit for every homerun hit in Minute Maid Park. The new structure could act a ramp for the rocket. If it’s not that then I’m not really for getting rid of the train. Yes, I know trains have nothing to do with Astros, but it has a lot to do with the old building and I think it’s a unique, classy feature in the ballpark.