With the Astros on the brink of their first ever National League pennant, it seems all too fitting that we heed the words of one of Houston’s musical giants (and aspiring boxer), Willie D of the Geto Boys, interviewed this past January at Houstonsoreal (link courtesy Paul Sommersein).

I like the different genres of rap music. You got this guy he™s a conscious rapper, this guy is political, this guy just talk about money and partying and this guy just talks about fucking and this guy talks about killing motherfuckers and all of that shit to me is good as long as you get a fair balance of it. What happened is the system got overloaded with the bling shit and that shit backfired. Cuz the fans were like œYeah yeah we like this, we wanna shake our ass. Now they™re starting to say, œShit man, I™m tired of this. All they talk about is shaking they asses. That™s all I see every time I turn the videos on is hoes and cars and diamonds. Man talk about my pain, talk about my struggle man. The fans wake up and say œHold up man, I ain™t got none of this shit. This ain™t what the fuck I went through. When the high wear off, when the hoes disappear, when that bitch walk out on your ass and key your car up, you need some information on how to get around that shit. When the cops pull you over and violate your civil rights, your human rights, you know you need answers. And you ain™t gonna find it in that ass shaking music. Now all of a sudden everybody want to hear some real shit. They want to get back to the streets. They want to get back to the essentials, ala Geto Boys. It™s a uphill battle with the powers that be cuz all they know is shit, Geto Boys haven™t put an album out in seven or eight years, so they couldn™t give a fuck about us, even though our shit still jam. All you gotta do is listen to shit and you™ll know we kickin™ ass, but these motherfuckers will write you out of history in a heartbeat in this rap game.