Seattle 21, Dallas 20

Those with longer memories than mine can help. Which other player —- heck, what public figure —- has seen their stock drop as precipitously as that of Tony Romo in the space of 5 weeks?

On the bright side, Romo has plenty of time to prepare for the Pro Bowl. And acoyltes of America’s Team will have plenty of opportunities to scapegoat the QB, when the play of Dallas’ secondary over the past month has been awfully suspect, particularly without the services of Quincy Butler.

While speculation will no doubt swirl around Bill Parcell’s future plans, I for one am rooting for the Tuna to get the heck out of Big D, ASAP. I’d really love to see Jerry Jones mend fences with a Cowboys legend, a man with Super Bowl credentials, and a coach who has probably matured greatly since the last time he was under Jones’ employ.

Besides, who amongst us wouldn’t love to see Barry Switzer paired with Terrell Owens?

Colts 28, Chiefs 8

During a year in which Indy’s run defense had proven decidedly porous, it sort of figures the Colts would manage to totally shut down Larry Johnson on an afternoon in which Peyton Manning tossed 3 INT’s.

Mr. Cut That Meat said he’d be pleased to do the introductory honors
when and if the Chiefs CB is elected to the Hall Of Fame, so I guess the Hooded Casanova is off the hook, then.

And with that uncomfortable segue, the Jets and Patriots are tied at 10-10, following a 20 yard FG from the hosts’ Stephen Gostkowski. Earlier, NY’s Jerricho Cotchery zoomed down the right sideline for a 77 yard TD pass from Chad Pennington, preceeded just a few minutes earlier by a Mike Nugent FG set up by a Corey Dillon fumble.

Pro Football Talk has gone stalkertastic this Sunday, tracking the movements of Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga’s jet, which has supposedly landed in Costa Rica. Which, coincidently, just happens to be the vacation spot of choice for USC’s Pete Carroll. Wonders PFT,

Would Huizenga risk taking a chance on another high-profile college coach who continuously is linked to NFL jobs, and who consistently rebuffs advances?