The above tag was recently claimed by Troi Torain, aka Star, formerly of Power 105.1’s “Star and Buc Wild”, who last spring found himself pounding the pavement after a feud with Hot 97’s DJ Envy boiled overPage 6’s Richard Johnson quotes some choice excerpts from Star’s forthcoming “Objective Hate : The Prequel”, hitting a quality bookseller near you sometime next month.

On Jesse Jackson :  “this ‘Cool Daddy Cool,’ stick-it-to-the-man rabble-rouser with a Ph.D. in flim flam . . . Watch him as he lives the scam and works the sham to the soundtrack of ‘Pusher Man.’ Sponsored by Rainbow mystical bull[bleep] and private funky dividends, he’ll be sure you have not seen the last of his collection plate.”

Of King, Star writes: “[He’s] a total hypocrite whose agenda quashed the rising spirit of anarchy in the heart of black America. As he hid behind the cross, he hated being oppressed but realized it enhanced his [stud] game . . . His mystified hypothetical dream, with no economic structure, now hangs over the Negro’s head like a Mississippi noose.”

Star slams Madonna as “an out-of-tune singing sensation” and a “poor man’s version of Marilyn Monroe” with a “worn body.” Bill Maher is “a low-budget racist camouflaged as a comedian . . . If he were a citizen of Haiti, he would have been beaten, dragged, stabbed and shot.”

Star also rates the carnal attributes of certain female performers. On Mya: “The sex would probably be dyn-o-mite, but not enough to justify a trip to the nearest jeweler.” On Lil’ Kim: “Looks great in the morning, probably gives great sex, and is a great friend, but be prepared for mood swings and back talk.” On India Arie: “She probably likes to be choked during climax.”

Yeah, well, who doesn’t?