Cardinals 4, Tigers 2 (Cardinals win the fucker, 4-1)

Dave Scheid texted me just prior to the start, claiming “Muschnick’s gonna be pissed.” And indeed, he oughta be. Which reprobate decided to let Mike Doskocil throw out the first pitch and sing the National Anthem?

For the 2nd night in a row, Fox saw fit to give us a shot of Mookie Wilson in the stands. See, they do allow black people to attend consecutive games in St. Louis.

Other than Wevie Stonder I pitching the game of his life (again), St. Louis got key contributions (again) from the World’s Scrappiest Human and Yadier Molina. And they watched the Tigers throw the ball all over the park (again).

Nice series, Pudge. Ahead of Adam Wainright in the count, 2-0, and representing the tying run with one out in the 9th, Rodriguez was jammed on the next pitch for a harmless comebacker to the mound.

Subsequently, Wainright was ahead of Polanco, 1-2, and the latter worked out a walk, somehow managing to lay off a low 3-2 pitch. It was right about then I thought Dave Roberts was coming in to pinch run.

On the unlikely resurrection scale, Scott Rolen’s hitting over the past week, while not nearly as big a surprise as Jeff Weaver morphing into a postseason ace, was still an eyebrow lifter given the wrecked left shoulder and Tony La Russa’s determination to bench the St. Louis 3B if need be. I’d like to lower my eyebrows right now, but much like Eddie Money, I think my face is stuck.

The Used Car Salesman made certain to cite The World’s Scrappiest MVP for “playing the game the right way.” Indeed, there was no storyline during this World Series nearly as compelling as Eckstein — despite what Billy Ripken eloquently described as “a lack of talent” — hitting fly balls that might’ve otherwise been caught in normal conditions.

While I respect that David Eckstein is the sentimental MVP choice for everyone who believes in playing the game with limited skills the right way, surely John Mellancamp deserved some consideration.

Anyone know the Vegas odds on who is most likely to choke to death on their own vomit between now and Saturday, Wevie Stonder I or Scott Spiezio?

Bad enough that Fox has dyed-in-Red mouthpieces Buck and McCarver working the microphone, but was it really necessary for the network to have one of the Clydesdales serve as Mistress of Ceremonies after the game?

Congrats to the Cards, their greatest-fans-on-earth and their Genius Manager — the only skipper to win a World Series out of both leagues, other than Sparky Anderson. I just hope St. Louis shows a little more graciousness to the two men most responsible for this victory than they did towards the scout that signed Prince Albert.

In other words, when do Billy Wagner and Jeff Kellogg get measured for their World Series rings?

(Addendum : adding insult to injury, Rebuilding Year points out that Juan Encarnacion is now a two-time (Evening) Whirled Champ. Even worse, so is Braden Looper.)