(above : a prior generation’s mastermind of media manipulation)

“(NAME REDACTED) is a New York-based power electronics / death industrial project, that aims to express the fatalism of all generative processes and the supremacy of death.

I am being 100% serious when I say this is the single greatest pitch for ANYTHING I have ever read. Talk about checking off ALL THE BOXES  :

1) NY Based.
This is important. New York has produced crucial musical acts ranging from Billy Joel to Murphy’s Law to Fischerspooner. Citing the NYC connection firmly puts the artist in question in a rich pantheon that includes but is not limited to Dee Snider, The Great Kat and Vatican Shadow.

2) “power electronics / death industrial”.
Many performers are loathe to paint themselves into a corner but in this instance you’re only talking about a hybrid of the two best things ever. I’m reminded of Reese’s wildly successful, “you got peanut butter in my chocolate” / “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” television spots from many years ago.

3) “the fatalism of all generative processes”.
This is something most of today’s chart toppers and critics’ faves don’t even want to address. Cowards, every one of ’em.

4) “the supremacy of death”.
Impossible to argue with. I mean, you had me at the fatalism of all generative processes but adding the supremacy of death is just gravy. Grim, life-hating gravy.

In short, there’s somebody out there who managed to say more about their view of the world in twenty-five words than most spiels manage in thirty-five or forty. I’m in love (with these twenty five words).