(I was unsuccessful in finding a decent pic of FSU’s Geno Hayes, so this snapshot of Dexy’s muse Geno Washington will have to suffice)

It’s been an amazering week of tasering in the Sunshine State. And yes, I know amazering isn’t a real word, and that’s why Andrew Carter writes for the Sun-Sentinel, while I’m merely blogging.

Florida State University football players Geno Hayes and Joe Surratt were arrested early this morning after an altercation with police outside a bar near the FSU campus, the Tallahassee Police Department said today.

Police charged Hayes, a junior who is a starting linebacker for the Seminoles, with resisting arrest without violence, disorderly conduct and assault on a law enforcement officer, all of which are misdemeanor charges. Surratt, a senior fullback who suffered a broken right leg in the preseason, is charged with one felony count of battery on a law enforcement officer.

According to a statement released by the Tallahassee Police Department, the incident began at approximately 1:45 a.m., when officers noticed Hayes, a starting linebacker for the Seminoles, gesturing wildly and screaming outside a bar. Police said Hayes was “screaming profanities and waving his hands wildly” and wearing no shirt while outside Potbelly’s, a popular gathering place near campus.

According to police, an employee of Potbelly’s told officers that Hayes had been involved in an altercation inside the establishment. When officers tried to calm Hayes, the police said, Hayes responded with “profane language and became aggressive.”

After police warned Hayes that his actions could lead to his arrest, the confrontation escalated, police said. According the police narrative, Hayes was unsuccessfully restrained by friends, a group that included Surratt. Hayes broke away from his friends, police said, and charged toward an officer with a clenched fist while he shouted threats.

Moments later, police brought Hayes to the ground. When he still resisted, Michael Malafronte, a Tallahassee Police Department officer, applied a Taser to Hayes and arrested him.

Meanwhile, according to police, Surratt “did not comply” with police orders to distance himself from the officers’ apprehension of Hayes. Michael Petroczky, a Tallahassee Police Department officer, pushed Surratt, who is wearing a cast on his right leg, to the ground.

According to police, Petroczky then arrested Surratt, but not before Surratt “struck” Petroczky, leaving the officer with a cut inside his lower lip.

John Kerry would like to reassure all Tallahassee citizens that he had nothing to do with this law enforcement matter.