On WEEI and WRKO, anyway. As David Scott of Scott’s Shots explains, “even after all the rage is vented at Eric Gagne, Manny Ramirez and J.D. Drew, there still appears to be some venom left for another Beantown lightning rod: Sox radio voice, Glenn Geffner.”

This week the “Get Rid of Glenn” movement got a bit more formal at Ian Bethune’s Sox & Dawgs in the form of an on-line petition that garnered more than 225 signatures in the first 48 hours of its posting. (A cohort going only by Steve did the writing of the letter directed at The Trio of Henry, Werner and Lucchino.)
Shots has good news for the Geffner gadflies, as a source familiar with the specifics of Dave O’Brien’s contract has confirmed that “Obie” will be in the Sox radio booth for at least 135 games next season. The source also verified that stalwart Joe Castiglione will be returning and that Geffner’s role will be either greatly reduced or non-existent. “If [Obie’s] ESPN duties (which will be reduced next season) allow him to do more than 135 – say 162, or 150, or 139 – then he will,” said the source. “It really depends on what is manageable for him.”

Geffner, who has been a target of Sox radio listeners all season, is a victim of the booth-share agreement that offers up the booming, made-for-radio voice of O’Brien in sharp contrast to the not-yet-ready-for-a-major-market pipes of Geffner.

Without wishing any ill-will towards Geffner, any arrangement that renders O’Brien unavailable for next summer’s Euro 2008 can only be considered a victory for American soccer fans.