(l-r : Coughlin, Eli Manning)

Newly acquired Giants TE Martellus Bennett brings a colorful reputation to the swamp, one which New York head coach Tom Coughlin says he lacks “the proper vocabulary” to describe. Further badgered by the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz and other scribes this afternoon, Coughlin employed previously unseen mime chops.

Bennett this summer has referred to himself as “a black unicorn’’ and has generally provided highly entertaining and at times off-the-wall commentary.

Asked if it is difficult for him to accept such talk and behavior, Coughlin said “It’s not that, I like ‘em to have their own personality, I just like ‘em to be able to structure it within the concept of trying to keep the focus on the game and on the field and on the team. I don’t like robots. I like to kid around with them once in a while too but I like it when it’s acceptable and when it isn’t acceptable. I think he’s gotten better.’

Coughlin then was reminded that the perception of him for much of his coaching career was that he preferred his players act like robots. That’s when Coughlin went into a robot mode, stomping around the raised platform with his arms at his side, mimicking the way a robot stiffly walks.

“Patience,’’ Coughlin said when asked how he’s changed and then, referring to robot-like players, he said “It was a lot easier to get along with them, I tell you that.’’