Karim Garcia’s brief tenue as a New York Met was highlighted by he and fellow former Yankee Shane Spencer laying waste to a Port St. Lucie pizza delivery boy who objected to their pissing in public. Hanging onto a professional career for dear life, Garcia’s recent exploits in the Korean Baseball Organization have been the subject of recent inflammatory Tweeting reports The Hall Of Very Good (via True Stories Of Korean Baseball). Here’s a few of the highlights :

great ,stupid kbo suspend me 7 games for what? the ump stir at me and takes the mask off and say what?

looking for me to say something and then trow me out off the game wish i did

and for that i get 7 games and 3000dlls i thing that they have no clue off what they r doing and say ok let kick him out the rest off the yr

they should look realy hard at the ump they r terrible worst then a ball in the states but kbo dont say nothing about that

kbo realy need to make up their mind about what is going on with ump asking for sing ball and be realy friendly with some players