ONE MORE TIME : The clock is ticking on your once in a lifetime opportunity to hobnob with the best and the brightest interweb patrons in the Tri-State Area. Tickets are shipping tomorrow morning. Details below :

I know, it™s hard to believe. There aren™t enough days on the calendar for the New York Mets to acknowledge every blog that routinely takes them to task for any number of crimes against baseball and the paying customer, let alone those that feature little to no original content.

(DISCLAIMER : The Mets haven™t actually proclaimed July 3 as CSTB Day. But I™m confident that once management gets wind of how many tickets we have set aside for this special afternoon, they™ll be rolling out the red carpet, if not asking David Roth to throw out the first pitch.)

Your attendence is requested at The First annual CSTB Salute To Silver Tier Ticket Pricing, when the Mets take on the Marlins at 1:30pm, Sunday, July 3 at Shea Stadium.

Tickets are $14 which entitles the bearer to :

a) an unobstructed view of the diamond from Sec. 5, row F of the upper reserved deck.
b) free use of Shea™s restroom facilities throughout the day
c) œAn antique pewter-styled Baseball Glove Key Chain (admittedly, this isn™t much of a sellng point)
d) if you™re one of the first 25,000 fans in attendance, a Mets Stars & Stripes cap, œsponsored by Delta Airlines”. There™s nothing more patriotic than an airline that lets you use your cell phone on the runway.
e) the opportunity to hurl vicious, xenophobic invective at Carlos Delgado when he refuses to show proper respect for the playing of œGod Bless America”.

If Danny Graves makes it into the game, you might be present for the longest home run ever hit. You don™t know for sure what™s going to happen.

If you™d like to atttend, please reply with the number of tickets you™d like, along with your shipping (UPS) address, to

[email protected]

The Management on behalf of The New CSTB.